Chawton Parish Council Agenda April 2017


Chawton Parish Council meeting – Agenda

You are summoned to a

Meeting on Tuesday 25th April 2017

7.30 pm The Learning Centre at Jane Austen’s House



  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of last meeting
  3. Planning updates – Rose Cottage
  4. Car Park/signage (update)
  5. Standing Orders and Code of Conduct (Update)
  6. Notice Boards (update)
  7. Discuss & resolve handling of restricted information & documents PC have access to
  8. Finance – invoices HALC, Clerk
  9. Parish Magazine


Any other business



Meeting to close at 9pm

Next meeting to be AGM & Annual Parish Meeting 16th May 2017 7pm

The Learning Centre, Jane Austen’s House

Please note items on the above agenda are subject to change.

For further information contact the Clerk on 0142083440