Minutes 28th October 2016


Meeting Friday 28th October 2016 7pm
The Meeting Room, Village Hall, Chawton

Present: Tony Costigan (EHDC), Jackie Forward, Jason Simper, Lisa Rome, Peter Shakespeare, Phillip Pascoe, Keith Murray, Malcolm Williamson, Mandi Sowik (Clerk)

Minutes of last meeting were signed as a true and correct record by the Chair.

Planning: Warren Signs, Wolfs Lane – this application falls in the Parish of Alton and as the Parish Council had not commented on the 2 previous applications on this property, which were approved but expired, the Council agreed that comments should therefore come from Alton Town Council. It was noted that neighbours to the property had showed concern over the height of the proposed building and the need to maintain a high hedgerow and that any change of use should be monitored. It was also noted that Cllr Williamson did not agree with the fact that Council would not discuss this application and the decision not to comment.
Chawton Park Bungalow, Brick Kiln Lane – variation to permission granted for re-building fire damaged house – side extension.
Wrekin, The Shrave – Increase in roof height to provide accommodation at first floor, two storey extension to side and new porch to front – Council will discuss at November meeting.

New Councillors & Duties:

The Council welcomed new members Keith Murray and Phillip Pascoe.

The Planning Committee will consist of – Cllrs Jason Simper/Jackie Forward/Keith Murray

The Finance Committee will consist of – Cllrs Jackie Forward/Phillip Pascoe and Mandi Sowik

Footpaths would be covered by Cllr Phillip Pascoe

Grants and Fundraising would be controlled by Cllr Lisa Rome

Website editing and Communications would be overseen by Cllr Peter Shakespeare.

Mandi Sowik & Cllr Keith Murray would temporarily represent Chawton at The Flood Action Group where possible.

PC Website Update After the decision by the Council to move forward with a stand-alone website, a budget of £1000 was set. Funding will come from District Councillor Grant and will be matched by Chawton Events. Cllr Shakespeare will gain quotes and will ultimately be the web editor.

Highways – A follow up letter would be sent to Ian James (HCC) regarding matters discussed at a meeting held earlier in the year.

AOB – Cllr Murray stated that there was still £443.96 in the account of the Parish Plan. Council will discuss this further at the next meeting.

Meeting closed at 8pm
Next Meeting will be Friday 18th November 2016
7pm The Meeting Room
Chawton Village Hall