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Neighbourhood Watch

Please be aware of the following incidents that have occurred or been reported during the period 26/10 – 03/11/17.


Between 1800 on 25/10 and 1105 on 26/10 three reports were received of  criminal damage to vehicles parked at Cherry Way.

Between 1800 on 22/10 and 0700 on 26/10, a number of power tools have been stolen from a vehicle in Harold Gardens.

Between 1200 and 1800 on 25/10 the gear mechanism has been stolen from a bicycle in the Market Square.

Between 2245 on 25/10 and 0600 on 26/10 the rear windscreen wiper of vehicle parked at Widgeons has been snapped off.

Between 2140 and 2210 on 27/10, two cycles were stolen from outside a unit at Newman Industrial Estate in Newman Lane.

Between 1345 and 1400 on 01/11, scrap copper piping has been stolen from the driveway of property in Church Street.

Between 1350 and 1355 on 02/11 a cycle has been stolen from outside a Unit at Mill Lane.

Lower Froyle

 Between 2200 on 26/10 and 0700 on 27/10, two bicycles that were locked together at the front of property in Froyle Road have been stolen.

Four Marks

Between 0030 and 0059 on 28/10 a Honda TRX quad bike was stolen from Hawthorn Road, it was located on Gaston Lane and recovered by the owner.

Between 1800 on 27/10 and 1030 on 28/10, chains have been stolen from inside a vehicle parked in a yard at Hawthorn Lane.

Upper Farringdon

Between 1500 on 27/10 and 1400 on 30/10 a report has been received from a Solar Farm in Gaston Lane, stating that solar panels have been stolen along with a drum of copper cable.


Between 1700 on 31/10 and 0730 on 01/11 unknown personnel have accessed a building site in Binsted Road and stolen netting from a skip and attempted to steal buckets and quick hitch from an excavator.

West Worldham

Between 1137 on 29/10 and 1200 on 30/10 a shipping container used as an office and storage at Barleywood Farm Lane has been broken into and 65 solar panels and 500m of copper cable valued at !5,000 stolen.


Between 2100 and 2105 on 02/11 a drain cover was used to smash glass panel office door of commercial premises in Lymington Bottom Road.  A search was undertaken of desk drawers, offenders were unable to gain access to upstairs of office, nothing was stolen.