Minutes 30th September 2016


Meeting Friday 30th September 2016
7.30pm The Meeting Room, Village Hall

Present: Tony Costigan (EHDC), Jason Simper, Jackie Forward, Peter Shakespeare,
Lisa Rome, Malcolm Williamson and Mandi Sowik (Clerk), Steven Lugg (HALC)

Apologies: No apologies received.

Minutes of last meeting were signed as a true and correct record by the Chair.
The Council voted to adopt the notes from the meeting held at Chawton House on 7/6/16.

Planning: Withies, The Shrave Variation of Condition 5 of 39119/005 substitution of plans – Council have no comment.
Council agreed to revisit the pursuit of the footpath by the Shrave.

Co-option and New Councillor duties: A notice will be placed for 14 days re the co-option of 2 new Councillors as per the regulations. Once the Council is up to 7 then duties will be allocated.

Parish Website/Magazine: Cllr Shakespeare has held meetings with Tim Chilton and the Parish Magazine and reported back to the Council. The Council agreed to move forward with a stand-alone website. The domain name has been purchased. Cllr Shakespeare will be the web editor of the new site with the Clerk having access. The Parish Council would like to thank both the Magazine and Tim Chilton for their help and support with the village website over the past years.

FAG Update: A resident from the village is required to represent the PC at the FAG (Flood Action Group) anyone wishing to take up the position should contact the clerk. This will be advertised on the village notice board and in the parish magazine.

Footpath Update: The Clerk has had discussions with Elliot Rowe regarding the footpaths and will follow up and report back at the next meeting. The Clerk has also contacted Martin Whittock with regard to the work required to the footpath adjacent to his field and is awaiting a response.

Meeting closed 9.10pm
Next Meeting will be held 21st October 2016
The Meeting Room, Village Hall