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Chawton House Wildflower Meadow Creation Sunday 23rd April

To celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III Chawton House is creating a wildflower meadow in Chawton village for everyone to enjoy. On Sunday 23rd April at 10am you are invited to come along and plant 800 British native wildflowers in a small area of the meadow next to Mingledown woods; plug plant flowers have been chosen for their suitability for a chalk, well-drained soil and are species already seen in the north and south parklands.


Our Head Gardener, Julia Weaver, and Chawton House volunteers will be there to organise and assist with the planting – some tools will be available but please bring a trowel if you can.

Over the next few years wildflower seed will be collected and distributed in the meadow to increase the number of wildflowers that will provide additional nectar/food for existing wildlife – common blue, brimstone, painted lady butterflies, hoverflies, moths and bees. A wooden bench will be placed in the wildflower meadow for the enjoyment of all.