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Agenda 22nd March 2022 Chawton Parish Council




Meeting Tuesday 22nd March 2022 07:00 PM

The Learning Centre, J A House


1 Apologies
1.1 To receive & approve apologies for absence.
2. Public Attendance
2.1 Introductions by the Public gallery of attendance and declared interests.


3. Minutes of last Meeting
3.1 To approve the minutes from the previous meeting.
4. Updates
4.1 Update from the District Councillor(s) Councillors Report

4.2 Update from the Chairman

4.3 Update from the Clerk

5. Planning and Development*
Current and ongoing planning applications will be discussed at the meeting and comments will be made: –



*-The Parish Council can make observations regarding the Parish as a whole and comment on applications made but there is no guarantee that these comments will impact the ultimate decision.

6. General Activity
Discuss and review the ongoing objectives and activities of the Parish Council (Detailed in Appendix 1).

6.1 Grant for School – school are looking for funding for rear playground

6.2 Yellow Lineage – new proposals to extend existing yellow lines in certain areas throughout the village

6.3 Jubilee Celebrations – Plans update

6.4 Annual Parish Meeting and Annual General Meeting dates

6.5 Speed limits within the village

6.6 New gates & Fencing – report back on completion

6.7 Dangerous steps by Mounters Lane –chase up ATC as in their area

7. Financial Review
Clerk salary & overtime, Village Mags, Fencing & Gates and Tree
8. AOB.

Members of the public may make representations, answer questions and give evidence at a meeting in respect to items on the agenda.

·       The period of time designated for public participation at a meeting shall not exceed 10 minutes and a member of the public shall not speak for more than 3 minutes unless directed by the Chairman of the meeting.



Please inform the Clerk at least three days prior to the meeting providing any relevant paperwork for the Council if you wish to participate during this session.

The Council undertakes to listen to the speaker and may ask questions of clarification they are not required to answer questions raised during the same session.






Please note items on the above agenda are subject to change


For further information contact the Clerk on 07739394743