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Tuesday 12th February 2019

7.30 pm The Learning Centre, J A House

Present: Jason Simper (Chair), Malcolm Williamson, Jenny Perring, Paul Schofield, Mandi Sowik (Clerk), Phillip Pascoe, Donal O’Connell & Keith Murray


Minutes from last meeting were signed previously by the Chairman as a true and correct record.


Public Attendance: Diana Tennyson plus 12 residents attended the meeting with regard to the proposal for a Travelling Show People site at the edge of the village as part of EHDC Draft Local Plan.


Update from Consultation Visit: The meeting was attended by 12 residents who expressed concern over the current proposal for a Travelling Show People site on Land North of Wolfs Lane Chawton. The Council directed these residents to the standard consultation process which is currently taking place around the area. Dates for these consultations are on the parish website and the village notice board. The council also agreed to publish a paper with advice on how to respond to this and the proposal for land adjoining Northfield Lane, Alton which is set aside for employment (5.3 hectares) as part of the EHDC Draft Local Plan.



8 The Terrace – Application for two storey extension following the demolition

of two existing side extension. The Council were unable to comment as the application

did not give enough detail, therefore a more detailed plan would be requested.

The Parish Council can make observations regarding the parish as a whole and comment on applications made but there is no guarantee that these comments will impact on the end decision.        

Discuss Yellow Lines & Signs Proposals: As stated in the January minutes, the information collated from the Consultation in November showed that the village preference would be for double yellow lines but only in specific areas. The Council are currently waiting for the recommendations from the Traffic Team with regard to placement of the lines.

Cllr Simper will speak with Tracey Webb.


May Election:  All Councillors will need to re-submit their nominations, once the Clerk has received the nomination packs these will be forwarded for completion and hand delivered to Penns Place.


Review quote for signs for Park area: The Clerk will re-distribute the quotes for the ladder signs in the Car Park and Park areas for a final decision from the Council.


Telephone Box:  The clerk has contacted both BT and SSE regarding the original electricity supply for the old telephone kiosk, which was dis-connected when the kiosk was removed (the PC had requested the connection remain), unfortunately to re-connect the supply would be costly, require metering and would not be maintained by BT. Therefore, the PC have decided to go ahead with the new Red Box without the electricity and to source a quality solar panelled light for the interior.  The Clerk will contact local builders for a quote for the groundworks.


Update re Village Hall/Vintage Fair: Helen Lea has dicussed with Bob Brown the frustration the Village has around the monthly Vintage Fair and Bob Brown has emailed the Council to agree the following.

  1. In future there will be no stalls in the Village Hall car park and that cars will double park to accommodate twenty plus cars.
  2. Stall holders cars that cannot park in the car park will be parked in the Redemptorists car park in Wolf Lane – No cars to be parked in the car park in the centre of the Village.
  • The early offloading of stall holders cars at the front of the Village Hall from 8am to 10.00am after which they will be moved to the Village Hall car park or The Redemptorists car park.
  1. The stalls at the front of the Hall would not encroach beyond the Village Hall boundary (outside of the left hand and the right hand hedges), and on to the public pavement)
  2. The Village Hall Committee agreed to allow the setting up of tea tables and chairs in the car park in the Summer months. These would be tight up against the main Hall wall.

The Parish Council appreciate these measures and will monitor the next few events to see if this improves the situation.


Precept agreed and set: The precept has been raised by £1500 for 2019/2020 to allow for additional maintenance work.


Barrier safety review: The Clerk will follow up on contacting a security company with regard to advice on the barrier at the Dead End, as stated in the January minutes.


AOB’S: The Clerk has requested a quote for the repair of the post adjacent to the gate into the cricket club along with new posts to the right of the gate which are rotten and no longer secure.

The Council decided that a skip should be hired for the clearance of the rubbish leftover from the Bonfire. The grass cuttings would also be removed at the same time. The Clerk would source a skip for the ½ term period.

Cllr Williamson raised the subject of a Lengthsmen or similar for the village. There is work required around the village which due to cut backs will not be undertaken by County Council or Highways, therefore the Council will seek to contract these jobs out to an individual.

Cllr Murray stated that there was approximately £200 left over in the account which funded the Parish Plan. This would be transferred to the Parish Council.


Meeting closed 21.20

Next meeting will be Tuesday 12th  March  2019

7.30 pm The Learning Centre, J A House


For further information contact the Clerk on 07739394743