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Water for essential use only!!!

With more of us at home this summer and the recent heatwave we’re seeing a record-breaking demand for water which is putting increasing strain on our network. Our dedicated team is working round the clock to keep taps flowing, but we need your help too.


Whilst we have not issued a hosepipe ban we are asking customers not to use them or sprinklers and jet washers.

We treated and supplied a record 696 million litres of water yesterday – 150 million more than normal!!


In fact, this summer has resulted in record-breaking amounts of water use and at times, we’ve been pumping an additional 150 million litres of water around our network to keep up – that’s equivalent to 27 million additional toilet flushes.

 This increase in water use is because more of us are at home, the increase in staycations and people undertaking DIY and gardening projects.

Garden sprinklers alone use as much water in an hour as a family of six uses in a day, which contributes to an increased demand of 70% on hot days.

This extra water use puts a strain on the extensive network of pipes, pumping stations and treatment works we look after and it can lead to low pressure or a loss of water for some customers at times of peak demand such as the early evening.

Top tips to save water in the garden:

  • Top up the paddling pool instead of refilling it every day. When you’re finished, use the water on your plants and grass so none goes to waste
  • Invest in a water butt for your garden and use the harvested water on your plants (they grow better with rain water and you’ll save money on your water bill too)
  • Remember – brown lawns bounce back
  • Water your pots and hanging baskets either early in the morning or during the evening to reduce evaporation in the midday sun
  • If you’re potting up or planting containers, use ones made from plastic, glazed terracotta or wood. These tend to lose less water than bare terracotta
  • Bury a short length of pipe into your pot; if you water into the tube the water goes directly to the roots where the plant needs it most
  • Use mulches like bark chips or gravel to retain moisture and keep weeds down