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Chawton PC Minutes June 2019


Tuesday 11th June 2019 at 8pm

The Learning Centre, J A House


Present:          Jason Simper (Chairman), Malcolm Williamson, Paul Schofield, Jenny Perring, Mandi Sowik (Clerk)

Apologies:       Philip Pascoe and Donal O’Connell


Public Attendance: Cllr Diana Tennyson – (DC), Cllr Ingrid Thomas (DC), Cllr Janet Foster (Four Marks PC Chair), Bob Brown (Village Hall), Clare Klare, Theresa Harris and Tim Lees Chawton Residents.


Minutes of the last meeting were signed as a true and correct record by the Chairman.



3 Copse View, The Shrave – enlarge master bedroom window – Council have no objection.

Warren Signs, Little Eastfield Holdings, Wolf’s Lane – while the majority of the site is within

Alton and therefore not within Chawton the Parish Council are firmly opposed to the application as not a suitable location for the proposed use and have commented accordingly.

EHDC Draft Plan – ongoing, updates will be provided when available.

On a broader level the Parish Council are not being consulted sufficiently by the Authorities within EHDC and South Downs in relation to Planning and other matters affecting Chawton and it was agreed that Chawton PC will form a dedicated subcommittee headed by the Chairman with one of the District Councillors to ensure better communication and visibility going forward.

*-The Parish Council can make observations regarding the Parish as a whole and comment on applications made but there is no guarantee that these comments will impact the ultimate decision.

Hybrid Line Scheme: After the consultation last year the findings clearly showed support for double yellow lines in strategic places within the village. After careful consideration and lengthy discussion with the traffic team a final plan has been drafted which the Council will agree, this will then be authorised by EHDC.

S106/CIL – The Council will consult with Highways and County Council regarding the S106 funding for the Shrave, with regard to this money being adding to the funding for the pavement repair. Councillors will meet with HCC and EHDC at the site within the next few weeks. The Council also questioned the cost quoted for these repairs.

A final response from Councillors was requested with regard to the CIL payment from SDNP. Councillors have been asked to propose various projects in the village which include pavement repair, installation of lecterns and finger posts for footpaths etc and also the planting of more trees.

Accounts – The accounts have been completed and were circulated, these will be checked by Cllr Pascoe before being agreed and signed off by the Chairman and submitted.

Chawton Ball – Cllr Diana Tennyson offered raffle prizes for the Ball.


The Notice Board for the Shrave has been refurbished and is ready to be collected and installed once a quote for installation has been obtained.


Meeting closed at 9:00pm

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 9th July 2019 at 7.30pm

The Learning Centre, Jane Austen’s House