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Neighbourhood Watch – Recent reports

Date: Incident No: Notes:
16/10/2019 44190370297 WESTBROOKE ROAD, ALTON damage to vehicle.
16/10/2019 44190370466 CHURCH ROAD, UPPER FARRINGDON, person/s unknown have broken into garage and stolen some items.
16/10/2019 44190370567 CHURCH ROAD, UPPER FARRINGDON Garage has been broken into and items stolen.
16/10/2019 44190370758 THE STREET, UPPER FARRINGDON persons unknown have gained access into shed which was unlocked at the time and stolen a large quantity of tool approx. total value £2,500
16/10/2019 44190371131 WOOTEYS WAY, ALTON damage to the garden shed and a light.
17/10/2019 44190372203 HAWTHORN ROAD, FOUR MARKS, ALTON suspect/s have gained entry to the property by using a key from the key safe and have stolen cash and jewellery.
17/10/2019 44190372397 ROTHERFIELD PARK ESTATE, GOSPORT ROAD, EAST TISTED suspects have forced entry to the property and have taken a jewellery box, 2x horse saddles and a laptop.
17/10/2019 44190372539 BRISLANDS LANE, FOUR MARKS, youths smashed seats in Four Marks Cemetery, causing approximately £250 worth of damage.
18/10/2019 44190372722 HONEY LANE, SELBORNE an attempt has been made to enter various buildings on the site.
18/10/2019 44190372786 STATION ROAD, EAST TISTED a break in to his shed.
18/10/2019 44190372886 SELBORNE, a break in to some outbuildings at the farm. Nothing has been taken.
18/10/2019 44190373350 GOSPORT ROAD, EAST TISTED garden shed has been accessed though nothing stolen
18/10/2019 44190373912 THE STREET, UPPER FARRINGDON property has been entered through an upstairs window via scaffolding and various jewellery items have been stolen.
19/10/2019 44190374054 GOSWELL SQUARE, ALTON A brick has been thrown through the window of a car.
19/10/2019 44190374385 NURSERY ROAD, ALTON Person(s) unknown have damaged passenger side wing mirror whilst the car was parked on the street.
19/10/2019 44190374793 GREENFIELDS AVENUE the nearside back window of a car was smashed.
19/10/2019 44190375152 SPITALFIELDS ROAD, ALTON unknown person(s) have entered a house and taken two mobile phones, a ps4 with controller and a 32 inch TV.
20/10/2019 44190375479 MARKET STREET, ALTON break in to cellar by persons unknown
20/10/2019 44190375491 BRIGHTSTONE LANE, FARRINGDON, Break in + messy search of a building and taken some cash.
21/10/2019 44190376553 AMERY STREET, ALTON, unknown person/s have spray painted the side of the building and they have smashed 2 windows.
21/10/2019 44190377021 DRAYMANS WAY, ALTON persons unknown have what is assumed spray painted lettering to the side of the building; it is assumed car spray paint has been used.  The graffiti reads CAPATILISM KILLS THE CLIMATE. There is a cost attached to cleaning the graffiti off.
21/10/2019 44190377367 AMERY STREET, ALTON, graffiti has been daubed on the walls of the Salvation Army building – “Climate Justice Now” has been written on the outside wall.
22/10/2019 44190377817 AMERY HILL, ALTON unknown persons have graffiti the side of her property.
22/10/2019 44190377977 HIGH STREET, ALTON, person/s unknown has attempted to force the rear doors of a shop but no entry gained. The store alarm was set off at 0132hrs on Sunday 20/10.
22/10/2019 44190378513 HATTINGLEY ROAD, MEDSTEAD, ALTON, damage has been caused to a gate in order to access their shed and pressure washers have been stolen.
22/10/2019 44190378961 COMPLINS, HOLYBOURN persons entered rear garden via side passage, removing the security light by knocking the bulb out. Entry gained by smashing the rear patio door using an unknown implement. Once inside a very untidy and thorough search of the entire property including the loft has been made and jewellery and cash stolen. Curtains have been drawn and lights switched on suggesting the burglary has occurred in the evening.