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Neighbourhood Watch Incidents 08 – 15 October

Area: Alton and Rural                                          Date 08 to 15 October 2019

Date: Incident No: Notes:
08/10/2019 44190359633 KINGS ROAD, ALTON, unknown person(s) have stolen a catalytic converter from vehicle whilst parked on the road, one street away from his property. No entry gained.
08/10/2019 44190359767 BLACKMOOR ROAD, BLACKMOOR, catalytic converter removed from car overnight, no other cars damaged
08/10/2019 44190360257 GOODYERS, ALTON, suspicious person standing in the front of a garage of a non-dwelling. When challenged they ran off.
09/10/2019 44190360885 GOSPORT ROAD, CHAWTON,  exhaust system has been stolen from car
10/10/2019 44190362709 GROSVENOR ROAD, MEDSTEAD – Person(s) unknown have forced a heavy duty clasp lock to gain access to a barn at the location, nothing stolen.
10/10/2019 44190362940  ASHCROFT LANE, FINCHDEAN Theft of catalytic converter from vehicle
11/10/2019 44190363780 OLD ODIHAM ROAD, ALTON break in to shed. Items stolen.
14/10/2019 44190367109 BOWERS GROVE LANE, ROPLEY drop gate sides and tail gates have been stolen from flatbed van.
14/10/2019 44190367294 FALCON COURT, ALTON – catalytic converter stolen from his vehicle whilst it was parked in communal car park.
14/10/2019 44190367418 ULRICK AVENUE, BORDON Person/s unknown have caused damage to main gate or play area and left it hanging on one hinge. Glass also smashed around the park
14/10/2019 44190368145 COMPLINS, HOLYBOURN – Someone has smashed wing mirror off car.