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Minutes CPC Meeting 19/4/22




Meeting on Tuesday 19th April 2022

7pm The Learning Centre J A House


1 Present/Apologies
1.1   Present: Jason Simper (Chair), Phillip Pascoe, Mandi Sowik (Clerk), Paul Schofield, Malcolm Williamson, Jenny Perring, Ilena Allsopp and Jayne Whittock

1.2   Apologies:

2. Public Attendance
Laura Dadswell
3. Minutes of last Meeting
Previously approved and signed as a true and correct record by the Chair
4. Updates –
District Councillors report 13th April 2022 Ingrid Thomas

As I write the hedgerows are coming into leaf and flower and so I thought I’d briefly mention wildflower verges and cutting hedges. We have been trying for some years now to establish wildflower verges that can be a haven and food source for wildlife and importantly provide for bees. This has often been a little contentious as some people like to have everything cut back whilst others are full of support for our pollinators and other wildlife. We are fortunate to have some of the wild orchids, violet helleborine growing in our villages which we need to protect carefully. It’s also nesting time so a little reminder not to cut hedges until the baby birds have fledged. In the last week there have been reports of two accidents on the A31 on the approach to the villages. This piece of road seems to be so dangerous and yet people drive so fast there. We have had deaths in the past and more would be awful, let’s try to all slow down a bit, we have been trying for a long time to get further traffic calming near the Shrave but so far have not succeeded. Applications are currently causing much concern and upset to many of both long time and new residents. We as district councillors are trying to ensure that the local plan and neighbourhood plan are respected by developers. When the new local plan is ready then is the time for developers to apply not right now. Once again, we are seeing crazy suggestions for access to sites. This is a major concern for many residents, who can recognise the dangers and want any development to take note and respect them. Development should be about making good homes in the right places that enhance our villages not cause trouble and dissent. Plans are gaining pace for the celebration of the Jubilee which I hope will be much enjoyed by many people please make sure you are aware of what is happening. The grant funding that district Councillors have available for village projects that benefit residents are once again open for applications. If you are involved with a suitable project that needs funding please talk to one of us. The projects we supported last year were very varied and came from all parts of the villages. If we can be of any help to you on District Council matters please contact one of us. Ingrid Thomas Diana Tennyson and Jonathan May.



5. Planning and Development*
Response to the proposed Alton Infrastructure Delivery Plan – The Clerk will check that a response is required from Chawton as the village lies mainly in the SDNP and therefore the plan may not apply.




SDNP/22/00978/LIS – The Dovecote, Gosport Road, Chawton, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 1SJ

Listed building consent – Relocate new door openings in the walls of the Grade II Listed Dovecote and adjacent kitchen area.

Council have no objection




*-The Parish Council can make observations regarding the Parish as a whole and comment on applications made but there is no guarantee that these comments will impact the ultimate decision.

6. General Activity
6.1 Yellow Lineage – after recent discussions with the residents of Gosport Road the Council will seek an alternative solution for the linage along this road more suitable to all, residents stated that they would prefer not to have parking bays which would not be enforced, however understood the need for the passing space to be longer and/or in a different location.

6.2 Jubilee Celebrations – Cllr Whittock is taking the lead on the organisation for the jubilee celebration which will take place on the lawn of Prowtings on Friday 3rd June 2022 from 12-4pm. This will be a ‘Bring your own’ picnic with the village hall available for toilet facilities and as a standby should the weather be inclement. Anyone wishing to help please contact Cllr Whittock

6.3 Annual Parish Meeting and Annual General Meeting dates – both meetings will take place on Tuesday 17th May at 7pm – everyone welcome.

6.4 Speed limits within the village – carried forward to next meeting.

6.5 New gates & Fencing and info boards for Mingledown – The clerk will be meeting the fencer to complete the last installation of the info boards and finger posts.

6.6 New mandate for HSBC banking to be signed – a new mandate has been supplied for signatures from new councillors.

6.7 Grant for School – A grant has been requested from the school towards the new playground, this has been agreed over email but needs to be authorised in the minutes.

School will be informed that in future years ant such requests will need to be put forward early so as the budget can be amended accordingly – A grant of £3000 was agreed.


7. Financial Review
Salary and overtime for the Clerk, Magazine delivery J Fryer, Info signs for Mingledown (grant received from SDNP) Bin collection, G Kitching Mowing, HALC affiliation fees
8. AOB.
Litter Pick – date 7th May 9.30am please meet in the Greyfriar car park, litter pickers and high viz jackets will be supplied.


The clerk will arrange for 2 new signs to be made for the coach parking bays advising that these are for coaches only.







Meeting closed at 20:07 Next meeting AGM followed by the Annual General Meeting Tuesday 17th May 2022 7pm

For further information contact the Clerk on 01420 83440 or 07739 394743


Signed by the Chairman ……………………………………………

Dated …………………………………………………………………………..