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Chawton Park Farm update

At the EHDC Council Meeting last night the Councillors voted to remove the ‘preferred large site’ status from Chawton Park Farm (CPF) and committed to taking forward all four options on an equal basis for further detailed investigation with evidence based sustainability and deliverability etc… They also made it clear that the process going forward will not be any sort of rubber-stamping exercise. EHDC has also written to Michael Gove to demand fairer (lower) housing needs figures for districts like ours with large a % of District in a National Park (I will try and get a copy). All of the letters, protests and mass complaints to district councillors and relevant bodies have really worked well and I feel that there is a high level of doubt in the minds that CPF is the right location and deliverable. We must keep up the opposition and the next phase through the consultation will be key – Jason Simper – Chawton Parish Council.