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Chawton Parish Council Minutes of meeting 11th October 2022


Annual Parish Meeting


Tuesday 11th October 2022 07:00 PM

The Learning Centre, J A House


1 Apologies
1.1  Present: Jason Simper (Chair), Phillip Pascoe, Malcolm Williamson, Laura Dadswell, Ilena Allsopp and Jayne Whittock (Taking Minutes)

1.2  Apologies: Mandi Sowik & Jenny Perring


2. Public Attendance
2.1 Introductions by the Public gallery of attendance and declared interests.

Clare Klaire

3. Minutes of last Meeting
Previously approved and signed as a true and correct record by the Chairman.
4. Updates
District Councilors report September 2022 – Ingrid Thomas

I was lucky enough to be invited at very short notice to hear the proclamation of King Charles 111, this was an event of very mixed feelings both of sadness for the passing of one era and the hopefulness of starting a new. The rules, regulations and protocols of the proclamation and events were endless.

I and I am sure others wish our new King every success. Yesterday I was invited to Treloars College for the opening of their new forest school learning space and the new staff accommodations block. The Countess of Wessex attended and I was so impressed by the way in which she spoke to every child and showed infinite kindness and interest in each one. I’m sure the day will live long in the memories of those affected.

Meanwhile back on the ground we are once again in the process of Reg 18 for our local plan, we seem to be back a couple of years but with all the changes that have occurred it is probably a good thing to do. Although with many more changes apparently in the pipeline will we be able to finish the plan this time?

You will be asked to give your views on the new draft plan, which is due in November, please make sure you look at it and make your opinions known through the consultation mechanism. That is the only way to be heard. I am very happy to help answer any questions when the time comes but currently have not seen the draft or been asked about it.

We can expect our previous and maybe more developers to come forward with options but let’s hope they have the curtesy to wait until the options are chosen by residents before they submit plans. The coming forward of site applications too early was how we got into the problems we currently contend with, traffic, environmental issues and drainage for example are not always as good as they could have been had a comprehensive scheme been given time to develop.

As ever bins are in the news, I have been told that glass collection is about to resume, indeed some glass boxes were emptied near me this week, but not all!

The move to new offices in Petersfield is happening soon now and should make for a more efficient and eco-friendly way of working. Hopefully more officers will be present in the building so better able to answer questions.




Prior to any further business, Cllr Simper has decided to step down as Chairman and a new Chairman now needs to be elected –


It was agreed that by the next meeting, all members will have met to discuss who will be the new Chairman and Vice Chairman.


ACTION:  CPC to arrange a date for this.


5. Planning and Development*
Current and ongoing planning applications will be discussed at the meeting and comments will be made: –

Sanditon House, 14 Ferney Close – SDNP/22/03986/TCA

Tree T4 (Lime) – Crown reduce to height of around 9-10m above existing ground level

Tree T5 (Lime) – Crown reduce to height of around 9-10m above existing ground level


No objections – no comments needed


Proposed Care Home and Landscaped Gateway for Alton, Winchester Road, Chawton, Alton – 59484 – updated application.


Date has passed for the response; however, a comprehensive objection was previously submitted, and Cllr Williamson has reiterated the PC’s objection.  The local GP surgeries / health services have strongly objected due to an overwhelming influx of patients due to the closure of the  Bentley Surgery.


Planning Application 23563/005 LDCP Hillmoor, Northfield Lane, Chawton, Alton, GU34 1SN

Lawful development certificate proposed – porch to front and single storey extension to side


No objection from CPC


*-The Parish Council can make observations regarding the Parish as a whole and comment on applications made but there is no guarantee that these comments will impact the ultimate decision.


6. General Activity
Discuss and review the ongoing objectives and activities of the Parish Council (Detailed in Appendix 1).

6.1 – Play Area update – The works agreed have been completed. Surface works and painting will be assessed, and the possibility of grants will be sought.
Cllr Pascoe has spoken to a contractor about the area around the play area and discovered that as no base material had been laid by the previous contractor, we are unable to use any of the existing rubber and will need to seek costs for a suitable replacement.


It has been at least 15 years since the previous work was last carried out and the approx. cost to carry out all the ground works necessary would be the area of £15-20k which is well outside the current budget.  CPC will need to look at alternative quotes to carry out the work and how this can be funded i.e. grants.


The CPC will also consider what new facilities can be integrated – the play area is currently well used by school children and visitors at the weekend.


In the short-term remedial works have been carried out to make the area safe.


6.2 – Double Yellow Lines – A revised plan from Trudy Humphrey (EHDC Traffic Team) has been circulated to the Council for discussion and a decision is required as soon as possible to complete the works as part of the original consultation.


Clinkers/The Forge – the White line in front of Clinkers to be changed to Double Yellow instead of white and the existing Double Yellow line in front of and to the left of The Forge to be extended – Correction accepted.


Winchester Road – Extension of the double yellow lines adjacent to 1 Pond Cottages along Winchester Road opposite to the entrance to Oriel House/Bay Tree House – Correction Accepted.


Gosport Road (Passing area) – Extension to the length and change from white to Double Yellow – Correction Accepted.


Additionally, the council discussed the continued illegal use of cones by some residents on Gosport Road – the illegal use of cones has been reported to HCC and they will deal with it accordingly.


End of Ferney Close – extension of the Double Yellow lines on both sides of Gosport Road towards the school – Correction Accepted


It should be noted that CPC cannot decide where the lines go and have been guided by Hampshire Highways recommendations – Confirmation of the date for works to be carried out is required.


6.3 – Removal of wood by lower car park – Stefan has cleared this.


6.4 – Update from Councillor who attended Alton Society meeting (02/09/2022)


Cllr Allsop attended the meeting and feels that there should be more direct involvement from the PC. Cllr Allsop is happy to attend further meetings on behalf of the CPC.


CPC need to join forces with other Parish Councils to as the Government have now left the area outside of the National Park wide open for potential large developments to go ahead.


ACTION: Going forward, it was discussed that a subcommittee should be formed with a separate task force to focus on Large local developments proposed under the Regulation 18/19. – November is when dates will be issued for the the Reg 18 / Reg 19 process.


6.5 – SDNP Parish workshop will be held on Tuesday 01st November at The Meon Hall, Meonstoke from 6:00-8:30pm – Action: – Cllr Allsopp will attend with one other.


6.6 – Fireworks evening – Document received from Martin Whittock and forwarded to all CPC members.


CPC have been asked by Martin Whittock to use the CPC insurance for the bonfire and firework display again this year, this has been used in previous years, but in seeking clarification of the cover CPC were informed by the Insurer that they must be the main organiser of the event and comply with a number of clear requirements.


Furthermore, Cllr Pascoe was asked to look at the event documentation to ensure it met the requirements of the Insurance.


The main questions asked of the CPC to give satisfaction to the Insurance Company that the event could proceed in a complaint manner were as follows:


1) Are the PC prepared to take full responsibility for this year’s event and its organisation? and:

2) Are we able to comply with insurance requirements in the time available? and:

3) Are Chawton House happy for the event to be carried out on their land?


After discussion the majority vote was that CPC are not able to comply with the Insurance requirements to take full responsibility in time for the event and therefore it cannot proceed this year.


It was agreed that the event for next year should be discussed and planned much earlier in the year.


6.7 – New website Cllrs Pascoe and Whittock were to enquire about quotes.


Cllr Whittock has spoken to a web designer and some further questions had been raised which were discussed as the meeting and will be passed on – Action: To have a quote for the next meeting


6.8 – Statement regarding Memorials in the village recreation area – Action: The Clerk is drafting a policy which will need to be agreed and posted on the Website.


6.9 – The review of the Accounts has been completed and these are available for viewing –  Action: please contact the clerk for a copy.


Cllr Pascoe asked if the Clerk has put a budget for next year? – this needs to be reviewed and agreed – ACTION:  Draft needed before next meeting.


6.10 – A quote for a Single Bollard at the entrance to the park opposite the school has been requested from Stronghold waiting for the quote via email – (the company who installed the height restriction barrier).


6.11 – Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) – CPC had previously been opposed to this campaign due to the exclusion of the area adjacent to the National Park leaving Chawton exposed to overdevelopment on the A31 corridor, however it may be worth re-visiting due to the extended boundary coverage.


6.12 – The problem Bin in the centre of the village Clerk has contact EHDC and the situation has been rectified.


7. Financial Review
To review and approve any spending and payments/requests for funding (Itemised in Appendix 2) Clerk Salary & Overtime, Playsafe – play area repairs, ID Verde bin collection, Semrah mowing, Stefan – removal of wood from park & Annual Web Site Domain Renewal.


A Grant was received from Cllr May towards the Hornbeam commemorative tree.

A Grant was received from Cllr Thomas towards the maintenance of the Play Area.


Councillors to be thanked for their contributions


8. AOB.

Members of the public may make representations, answer questions and give evidence at a meeting in respect to items on the agenda.

·       The period of time designated for public participation at a meeting shall not exceed 10 minutes and a member of the public shall not speak for more than 3 minutes unless directed by the Chairman of the meeting.


Clare Klaire shared that she was aware through Beech Parish Council that there is a campaign to designate the area between Alton and Basingstoke as an ANOB to stop 2,500 houses being built in Cliddesden. Previously Busy Lease Wood was not included in this, however, the new proposal includes the ancient woodland up to the edge of Chawton Park Farm – If this is correct then the CPC should support.


Please inform the Clerk at least three days prior to the meeting providing any relevant paperwork for the Council if you wish to participate during this session.

The Council undertakes to listen to the speaker and may ask questions of clarification they are not required to answer questions raised during the same session.