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Minutes of Meeting September 2018


Meeting on Tuesday 25th September 2018 7.30pm

The Learning Centre, J A House



Present: Jason Simper, Phillip Pascoe, Paul Schofield, Donal O’Connor & Mandi Sowik (Clerk)

Apologies: Malcolm Williamson, Jenny Perring & Keith Murray

Public Attendance: Diana Tennyson


Minutes of last Meeting were previously signed as a true and correct record by the Chairman.


Planning:  Clinkers – minimal impact to village – Council have no objection.

J A House – Installation of snow guards to the main house – Council have no objection

Eastfield Farm Lot 1 proposal for 2 barns – Council expressed a concern that the size of the barns was disproportionate to the size of the field being built on


Car Park Lease update – the lease is currently being negotiated with Fullers, the planning application for the cutting back of trees in the car park has been granted and the work will commence after midnight 25th September when the car park will be closed indefinitely, coach lineage will also be removed to free more spaces for cars. Insurance cover also needs to be extended for both the car park and dead end parking.


Dead End Update – Work has come to a stop currently as a tree has been flagged up as dangerous, this tree is on private land and negotiations are ongoing to have the tree removed. Once removed work will hopefully resume.

Cllr O’Donnell reported that fly tipping is still happening at the dead end.


Decision on date for village consultation – The Council agreed that firstly the PC need to have a closed meeting to discuss all the options with the traffic management team before presenting to the village as a whole. At this meeting a date will then be arranged for a village consultation which would also involve staff from the traffic management team at EHDC. Council will decide on dates and publish accordingly.


AOB’s – the PC laptop has been repaired and the Communication list will be in use shortly.

Cllr Williamson requested via email that the road markings outside the school be re-painted.

The clerk has contacted SSE regarding a branch on the Cherry tree opposite the school which is resting on a power cable.

Cllr Pascoe expressed concerns over the Firework evening and the parking problems this causes, Cllr Simper and the Clerk will meet with the organisers.



Meeting closed at 2138

Next meeting 23rd October 2018

7.30pm The Learning Centre J A House