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Minutes meeting January 2018


Meeting on Tuesday 16th January 2018 at 7.30pm

The Meeting Room, Village Hall, Chawton



Present:       Jason Simper (Chair), Tony Costigan (Vice Chair), Philip Pascoe, Malcolm Williamson, Jenny Perring, Paul Schofield, Keith Murray and Mandi Sowik.


Apologies:   Lisa Rome.


Minutes of the Last Meeting (November) have been previously agreed and signed by the Chairman.


Controlled Parking Zone: Cllr Costigan and the Clerk had a meeting with the Traffic team on 15/1 regarding restricted parking zones. Recent surveys carried out in September were regarded as being undertaken at the wrong time i.e. in September after the busy Summer months, therefore a correct assessment of the parking and associated problems was not made. Further surveys will now be carried out in June/July 2018 as more data is required to make an informed decision.

Additionally various groups within the village will be approached for their comments including and thoughts on any proposed Parking Zone: The School, Chawton School Support Group, Chawton Pre-School, Chawton Toddler Group, The Village Hall, The Greyfriar, Cassandra’s Cup amongst others.

A sub-committee consisting of Cllrs Simper, Murray, Schofield and Pascoe will move this sensitive issue forward.

Once we have further more detailed and relevant data the Parish council will present this to all parishioners, giving everyone an opportunity to present their views.


Planning Updates: No planning updates.


Precept/Budget: Cllr Simper and the Clerk will put together a more concise budget and report via email in order to set the precept for 2018, the deadline being 15th February.


Footpath Priority Cutting Lists: The rights of way team have requested notification of 6 footpaths which require cutting over the coming year. The Clerk will create a list of those most requiring attention within the Parish.


Car Park Lease Update: The Council noted concern regarding the end of the lease for the Car Park in the centre of Chawton. Cllr Costigan will be working with EHDC to seek a longer term solution.


Flood Meeting update: Cllr Williamson reported back on the recent meeting he attended, stating that work was likely to be carried out in Farringdon in the near future and that Chawton need to flag any work or concerns regarding this. The next meeting will be 22nd January.


Planting around the Chawton entry sign on the Winchester Road has been completed. The Council would especially like to thank Sue Ruffhead for the actual planting around the sign.


Playground Maintenance: The Clerk will contact Wicksted in order to find out when the maintenance is scheduled to be carried out.


Meeting closed at 21.25

Next meeting will be February 2018

7.30pm The Learning Centre

J A House Chawton