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Minutes from June Zoom PC Meeting




Meeting on Tuesday 9th June 2020

7.00pm via Zoom


1 Present/Apologies
1.1   Present: Jason Simper (chair), Keith Murray, Mandi Sowik (Clerk), Phillip Pascoe, Donal O’Connell, Jenny Perring and Paul Schofield

1.2   Apologies: Malcolm Williamson

2. Public Attendance
2..1 Diana Tennyson (EHDC Cllr))
3. Minutes of last Meeting
3.1 The Minutes from the last meeting were agreed as a true and correct record by the Chair.
4. Updates
4.1 Update from the Clerk – none
5. Planning and Development*
Current and ongoing planning applications will be discussed at the meeting and comments will be made: –

Thatch Cottage Winchester Road Chawton Proposal: T1 – Cherry – Fell, T2 – Silver Birch – Fell, T3 – Silver Birch – Fell SDNP/20/02089/TCA – Cllr Simper declared an interest and removed himself from the discussion. The Council agreed that the trees to be felled were a likely to be a hazard to the both the property nextdoor (White Lodge) and the Thatch itself, therefore no objections were raised.

6 Lavant Field Chawton Proposal: Single storey side extension with extended driveway and dropped kerb SDNP/20/01811/HOUS – Council have no objection

Carlyle Cottage Replacement side and rear extensions, new rear gable and new garden room and improved drive. (Amended plans and description received 4/6/20)  SDNP/20/00979/HOUS – Council will look over the plans individually and report back via email before the response date of 28th June 2020. Councillor Williamson will also be asked to continue his work with this application.

Wey Incinerator The Council encourage all residents to support the Action Group currently campaigning against the installation of the proposed Incinerator.


*-The Parish Council can make observations regarding the Parish as a whole and comment on applications made but there is no guarantee that these comments will impact the ultimate decision.

6. General Activity
Discuss and review the ongoing objectives and activities of the Parish Council.

6.1.1 Car Park Lease – Still awaiting Fullers response, obviously due to COVID there has been a delay in negotiations.

6.1.2  Hybrid Line Scheme – Cllr Simper has written to the traffic Team expressing the disappointment regarding the yellow lines installed in the village, specifically the lack of any lines along the Gosport Road adjacent to the park and the lines painted over the driveways of Clinkers and The Village Hall/Dower House.


6.1.3 Large Sites – Local Plan update – currently there was no update from EHDC as to when the results of the plan would be revealed.

6.1.4 Litter – The Council have noticed an increase in the litter as the Lockdown measures are slowly lifted and visitor numbers start to increase. Sadly those coming to Chawton to picnic etc are reluctant to take their rubbish home with them. The Council agreed to increase the rubbish collections and place a notice on the Website to remind visitors to use bins or take their rubbish home.



7. Financial Review
Finance – Clerk  / R Channon village centre mowing /Stronghold – Barrier  HALC Affiliation and Levy Fees Zoom Meeting Fees May/June


8. AOB.
Cllr Schofield raised concerns over the new gates on the footpath from the dead end to Farringdon.The Clerk would speak with ATP regarding a fix to this.

The Clerk would arrange for 3 quotes for a tree survey on the rec area. There are some trees which are currently dead and need removal. Also a meeting with Jumbo Fuller would be arranged regarding the trees adjacent to the dead end car park.

A letter will be sent to the Cricket Club regarding parking on the rec area and also to ask that the anti social driving of the minority be addressed.

·         Cllr Tennyson stated that Jane Austen’s House Museum are currently struggling with the current situation and have applied to the lottery fund for grant.



Members of the public may make representations, answer questions and give evidence at a meeting in respect to items on the agenda.

·         The period of time designated for public participation at a meeting shall not exceed 10 minutes and a member of the public shall not speak for more than 3 minutes unless directed by the Chairman of the meeting. 

Please inform the Clerk of any questions thet you would like to raise at least three days prior to the Virtual meeting providing any relevant paperwork for the Council if you wish to participate during this session.

The Council undertakes to listen to the speaker and may ask questions of clarification they are not required to answer questions raised during the same session.

Meeting closed at 20:30


Next Meeting: 7th July 2020 19:00 to 20:00