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Minutes July Meeting 2019




Meeting on Tuesday 9th July 2019

The Learning Centre, J A House 7.30pm


1 Present/Apologies
1.1   Present: Jason Simper (Chairman), Malcolm Williamson, Paul Schofield, Keith Murray, Mandi Sowik (Clerk)

1.2   Apologies: Philip Pascoe, Donal O’Connel and Jenny Perring

2. Public Attendance
2.1 Ian Robertson, Chawton Park Farm and Cllr Diana Tennyson (EHDC) – for part of the meeting.
3. Minutes of last Meeting
3.1 The Minutes were signed as a true and correct record by the Chair.
4. Updates
4.1 Update from the District Councillor(s) – Ash die back is now prevalent in Four Marks and Chawton Parish and requires further tree felling. There has been a consultancy meeting for the further proposed Building @Friars Oak, Four Marks.

4.2 Update from the Chairman

4.3 Update from the Clerk

5. Planning and Development*
Current and ongoing planning applications will be discussed at the meeting and comments will be made: –


Reference: SDNP/19/02743/LIS

Location: J A House Museum

Proposal: Repair to the external wall of the Old Granary/Museum Shop

Comment(s): The Council support this application


The Council noted the refusal to the application for proposed dwellings at Glencairn.


Council also noted the comments regarding the proposal at Warren Signs, Wolfs Lane.


*-The Parish Council can make observations regarding the Parish as a whole and comment on applications made but there is no guarantee that these comments will impact the ultimate decision.

6. General Activity
Discuss and review the ongoing objectives and activities of the Parish Council.

6.1 – Parking, Road Safety and Traffic Management

6.1.1 Hybrid Line Scheme – The final plans have been submitted by the Traffic Team, there will be a 3-week consultation period before the lining goes ahead. Dates to be confirmed.

6.1.2 Parking – The main village car park will be re-lined on Monday 15th July. Any further dilapidations will also be completed.

6.1.3 Car Park Lease – the lease agreement for the car park will then follow the completion of the dilapidations.


6.2 – Footpaths and Cycleways

6.2.1 Footpaths, Byways and BOATS – repair and replacement – Cllr Williamson presented a number of improvements he felt necessary to Chawton and adjoining Parish’s and agreed to discuss this further with EHDC and Hampshire County to get a plan of action agreed.1

6.2.2 Improved Cycle Paths and Cycle storage – Jenny Perring (absent) is managing this and will provide an update at the next meeting.




6.3 – General

6.3.1 The Ball – The Ball is going ahead on the 13th of July and a full report of the event will be provided in September.

6.3.2 Information Lecterns – Ideas and costs will be shared with Cllrs by the Clerk for review.

6.3.3 Traditional Telephone box – A quote is required to concrete a new base for the Telephone Box, the Clerk will action this.

6.3.4 Flood Action Group – Cllr Williamson gave an overview of the latest situation regarding the works being carried out in Farringdon along with the proposed remediations for Chawton.

6.3.5 Esso Pipeline – The pipeline project has been accepted for examination by the Planning Inspectorate and will now progress to the next phase. During the proposed works there will be a temporary Logistics Hub at the A31/A32 junction Northfield Lane, Alton. This will be 20-acre plot of land immediately before the Bridge on Northfield Lane as explained by Ian Roberston who owns the land.

6.3.6 Village Litter Bins – Complaints had been received from some residents regarding the overflowing bins in the park area. The Clerk suggested a larger bin to replace the bin which is most problematic and also a new larger bin opposite the school gate as this bin has perished. A decision will be made over email once quotes have been obtained.

6.3.7 Village Appearance – There have also been some complaints from residents regarding the weeds along the wall adjacent to the park and around the village generally.


7. Financial Review
Finance – Clerk £250 + £25 overtime / R Channon £40 village centre mowing / Semrah £494.40 park/cemetery mowing / ID Verde £417.70 Bin emptying.

7.1 The Shrave CIL monies – Cllr Williamson will correspond with Mark Kemp-Gee regarding the CIL monies and the suggested works on pavements at the Shrave.

The Clerk will send out other improvement ideas and costs including lectern quotes to Cllrs for review.

8. AOB.
A32 Motorcycle noise – Cllr Schofield will contact the Campaign Against Motorcycles.

Speed through the Village – Cllr Simper is concerned with the ongoing speed through the Village and will ask Bentworth how they are tackling this issue themselves without Police support.

Litter Pick – The Council will organise a litter pick within the next month.


Cllr Tennyson reported that Cllr May will attend the September meeting.


Members of the public may make representations, answer questions and give evidence at a meeting in respect to items on the agenda.

·         The period of time designated for public participation at a meeting shall not exceed 10 minutes and a member of the public shall not speak for more than 3 minutes unless directed by the Chairman of the meeting.

Please inform the Clerk at least three days prior to the meeting providing any relevant paperwork for the Council if you wish to participate during this session.

The Council undertakes to listen to the speaker and may ask questions of clarification they are not required to answer questions raised during the same session.



Meeting closed at 21.07

Next meeting Tuesday 10th September 2019

7.30pm The Learning Centre, J A House

For further information contact the Clerk on 0142083440 or 07739394743