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Minutes April Meeting Chawton Parish Council


Meeting Tuesday 17th April 2018 7.30pm

The Meeting Room, J A House


Present: Jason Simper (Chair), Malcolm Williamson, Keith Murray, Philip Pascoe, Jenny Perring, Paul Schofield, Lisa Rome, Mandi Sowik (Clerk)


Apologies: Tony Costigan


Minutes of the last meeting were signed in advance of the meeting by the acting Chair.


Planning: Orchard Cottage Tree work – Council have no objection, Carlyle Cottage tree work – Council have no objection. The Council noted a pre-application to SDNP regarding land at Wolfs Lane which would be monitored.


Car Park and Dead End Parking:  Cllr Simper has spoken with Fullers regarding the commercial options for the lease on the village car park, further discussions will take place regarding the expected rent and dilapidations, but Fullers are happy in principle for the village to lease the car park as they have no further plans currently for the area, we have until July to make a decision.

Dead End – HCC have agreed to cut back the vegetation and have the carriageway swept to remove the debris and expose the full width throughout the length from the gate to the end. The defects located at the turning head will be patched, then the site will be surface dressed before the parking bays and KEEP CLEAR markings are installed. HCC will cover the costs for these works. With regard to the height restriction barrier, this would have to be funded by the PC and requires further discussion. A resident has expressed concern over cars parking by the barrier at night and the area being used as a meeting place for youngsters and also the possibility of an increase in fly tipping.


CIL Neighbourhood Proportion Payments – The Council decided to defer the payment of this until October, but Councillors were invited to put forward ideas for its use in the meantime.


EHDC Complaint – A complaint received from a resident has been forwarded to EHDC. Part of the complaint was that a 3 day notice period was not given for the meeting on Tuesday 20th February. An apology was sent to EHDC and measures were put into place to ensure that this would not happen again.


Village Party for Royal Wedding – the Council discussed a village party in the Village Hall on Saturday 19th May to celebrate the Royal Wedding.


AOB’s –


Cllr Simper and the Clerk have a meeting with J A Trustees at the end of April to discuss coaches, parking etc.

Local Plan review workshop to be attended on the 16th May by up to 2 Council members.

Litter pick will take place at 10am on 12th May, meet by the Telephone Box.

Cllr Williamson has drafted a statement to submit regarding the proposed replacement pipeline corridor consultation, the Clerk will forward.

Helen Lea attended the meeting and complained about the dreadful parking during the Sunday Antique Fair held at the VH on Sunday. Cars were parked on pavements and traffic cones were not used as discussed. The Village Hall would be informed and the Fair organisers reminded of respectable parking.

The Clerk had contacted HCC regarding the proposed diversions planned during the Butts Bridge demolition, presently these plans are still being worked on.




Meeting Closed 21.16

Next meeting 22nd May 2018 7.30pm (To be confirmed)

AGM followed by Parish Meeting

The Meeting Room, J A House