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Chawton PC Minutes 20th March 2018


Meeting Tuesday 20th March 7.30 pm

The Learning Centre, J A House


Present:  Malcolm Williamson(Acting Chair), Jenny Perring, Paul Schofield, Keith Murray, Mandi Sowik (Clerk)

Public Attendance: Michael Tarte-Booth and Donal O’Connell

Apologies: Lisa Rome, Tony Costigan, Philip Pascoe, Jason Simper (late arrival)


Minutes of the Last meeting were signed previously as a true and correct record by the Chairman.

A member of the public, Mr Tarte-Booth queried why a complaint he had made about the minutes had not been responded to.  He was referred to a reply sent by email to him from the Chair dated 8th March 2018.

As Mr Tarte-Booth informed that council he had not received this response, the email was read out to him.  The Clerk and the acting chair then explained that as he had made a formal complaint to EHDC the rules prevented the Parish Council from discussing the matter any further.  Mr Tarte-Booth had pre-prepared a written statement in support of his complaint which he read out.  The clerk took the hard copy to forward on to EHDC.


Planning: Oaklands, The Shrave, – cutting back of lower branches of Ash tree – PC have no comments.


Car Park at A32 dead end: A meeting regarding the use of the dead end for parking had been postponed due to weather and would be re-scheduled. Resident Donal O’Connell attended the meeting and commented on changing the barrier for a height restriction barrier. He felt that this would enable late night use of the dead end for the wrong reasons and also possibly encourage fly tipping. The Council took note of his comments.

Cllr Simper is still awaiting a meeting with Fullers regarding the lease of the lower car park in centre of the village.

Controlled parking surveys would be carried out towards the end of May early June when visitor levels rise.


A31 Underpass: The Council had received a request from Alton Town Council and EHDC regarding decorating the underpass from Chawton to Alton with quotations from Jane Austen’s novels and letters to make it look more aesthetically pleasing, they also asked if the Council would be prepared to donate towards the cost. The Council agreed that any work should be prioritised in conjunction with the improvement of the approach on foot to Chawton from Alton including ground conditions and the approach across the new Butts Bridge roundabout. In that respect funding ought to be sought from the developers who had obligations under their planning consent




The Clerk will notify EHDC Planning that Chawton PC were not invited to comment on the recent planning application from Travis and Perkins, the planinng list incorrectly showing the site to be in Alton Parish.

Cllr Williamson asked that a letter be sent to Hampshire Highways requesting the plans proposed for diversions during the Butts Bridge road works scheduled for 2018.

The Clerk will continue to look into employing a lengthsman.

The Chairman suggested a village party for 19th May to celebrate the forthcoming Royal Wedding.


Meeting closed at 21.15

Next meeting will be Tuesday 17th April 2018 7.30pm

The Meeting Room, J A House