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No Garden Bonfires please!


Don’t be a nuisance neighbour – that’s the message from East Hampshire District Council’s Environmental Health team during the coronavirus quarantine.

With so many people staying at home it is even more important that residents are respectful and considerate towards the people living around them.

Among advice on how to be a good neighbour during the lockdown the council is calling on people not to light garden bonfires and to keep noise to a minimum.

Wood smoke can have a serious effect on people with medical conditions such as asthma and heart disease.

It is particularly important that residents do not attempt to get rid of household waste by burning it, as this is likely to release toxic gases.

Cllr Ingrid Thomas, EHDC Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood Quality Portfolio Holder, said: “Many people who would normally be out at work or school during the day are now confined to their homes either through sickness, self-isolation or from government requirements to work at home.

“That’s why we’re asking people to be particularly considerate of their neighbours.

“Bonfire smoke is not only anti-social to your neighbours, but it can also be seriously damaging to people that have respiratory difficulties – a major symptom of coronavirus.

“Please think about your behaviour and how it might affect others at this difficult time. That might mean turning the music down or limiting those noisy DIY jobs.”

Any garden waste can be either composted or collected until such time as other more appropriate disposal methods are available.

Household waste and recyclable waste should be put into the respective waste bins as normal to await collection.

If you have any concerns about environmental issues in your neighbourhood please contact the team on 01730 234360 or through the website