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Minutes from Parish Council Meeting 23/10/2018


Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 23rd October 2018 7.30 pm

The Meeting Room, J A House

Present: Jason Simper (Chairman), Mandi Sowik (Clerk), Phillip Pascoe, Malcolm Williamson, Jenny Perring & Keith Murray

Members of the Public: Diana Tennyson & Mr Tony Welch

Apologies: Paul Schofield & Donal O’Connell

Minutes of last meeting were signed as a true and correct record previously by the chairman.

Planning Updates:

Alphonsus House – Council have no objections.

 The Parish Council can make observations regarding the parish as a whole and comment on applications made but there is no guarantee that these comments will impact on the end decision.

Car Park Lease & Dilapidations: Cllr Simper has met with Simon Carpenter of EHDC and requested more work to be undertaken with the tree & hedge cutting and the next step will be to mark up the parking bays.

Restricted Parking Zone – The proposed dates for the consultation will be 28th & 30th November in the Village Hall from 2-6pm. Three options will be presented to the residents who will be encouraged to attend, and feedback will be taken.  Members of EHDC traffic team will be available.

Recreation Area Ladder Signage – Signs were proposed for the entrance to the recreation area from both the Gosport Road and the lower car park. The Clerk will seek a quote from Norbury Park Wood Products.

Any Other Business:

The telephone kiosk has now been completely removed and the Clerk will apply for planning permission to re-instate the old-fashioned red style box.

Defib training Cllr’s to be looked into.

The Council will review and discuss safety aspects of the play area at a future meeting.

Meeting closed at 21.00

Next meeting will be Tuesday 6th November 2018

7.30 pm The Learning Centre J A House